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The management of human resources has emerged as a critical factor in creating and maintaining the competitive edge of the business. The traditional HRM follows the idea of management based on the fear to change and relies mostly on fear and control.

In order to reduce long-term costs which is able to create competitive advantages, HRM activities are held to be those which focus on the quality of the human resource available such as the maintenance of know-how expertises and specialists.

Search our thousands of essays: All this has a positive impact on their performance. At the same time, developing countries are experiencing an unprecedented growth in the numbers of young people.

Researchers suggest that psychological well-being in terms of happiness maximizes both personal health as well as job performance and raises organisational productivity generally. This suggests that team work can be extremely effective during the learning process through benefits flowing from sharing and communicating of information between team members.

Hr managers are in a position to understand the cultural diversity and integration. It has international production facilities in seven countries around the world and has a global workforce of about 29, people.

At firstthe core business of human resource managers is recruitmentallocating resources to the vacancy positionTraining personal ,managing the profile of the resourcecontracts signing process and other transactional process. Therefore building a strong organisational culture is an essential part of the strategic HRM planning for Tenrose.

The changing external environment though has caused new challenges and shaped the nature of management styles in terms of leadership in Tenrose. In this way efficiencies are able to be created by team working and the sharing of information and knowledge. Following from this the concept of culture has been widely deployed in organisational theory as it is a key method of understandings people's value and performance within an organisational context.

Improvisation and clear understanding of the current management trends and practices: The rewards are based on the performance of the employee and his or her completion of the allotted task. More focus on the future- Future management: Tenrose as a traditional UK manufacturer is characterised by high-dependent relationship among its employees both within subsidiaries as well as between different organisations.

At firstthe core business of human resource managers is recruitmentallocating resources to the vacancy positionTraining personal ,managing the profile of the resourcecontracts signing process and other transactional process.

Individualised learning among employees and its impact on organisational learning is particularly important.

Diversity Management

There is a growing demand for equal rights for these workers and for other groups like older workers, workers with disabilities, and gays and lesbians. Strategic human resource is the source that creates corporate core competitiveness. Kahn argues that building an organization is a sustained process of re-establishing people's culture in terms of a shared sense of history and value system in order to generate acceptable behaviour followed by members of an organisation.

Thus managers at Tenrose first of all have to strike a balance between people's needs including employees and management as well as shareholders within the framework of what are its organisational objectives.

However this style in terms of organisational behaviour largely depends on the cultural context within which an organisation is situated. The senior management identifies the goals of the organization and gives it a sense of direction.

Based on this a corporate objective of organisational learning is vital. They believed that both the models constitute the ends of a spectrum and they came up with an approach that provided a mid-point for these two models. However based on the old personnel management model Tenrose rarely engaged in formal employee training programs which reflected its organisational culture and management style as a traditional organisation rather than one which could be called a learning organisation.

Accordingly these organisational changes and external competitive environmental forces forced Tenrose to adopt a strategic HRM approach in solving emerging conflicts and issues related to employees in particular during the organisational change process it was undergoing. When an enterprise develops to a certain degree, the transition from enterpriser-oriented HR management to professional manager-oriented SHRM is necessary.

In the next stage, the strategy itself is generally formulated. So adapting to the dynamic management is highly recommended. Employee development and Training In general national VET and training in the UK has failed to deliver the skills base which companies require to gain competitive advantages, Stewart, A brief overview of the different SHRM models are discussed below: Cyert and March claim that organisational learning is concerned with sharing and adaptive learning, Neilson, Torrington, Hall and Taylor suggest that human resource management is about getting the right people to work in the most productive way in the positions most suited to their abilities.

It is also suggested that organization learning is closely linked to creating and maintaining an organisation's competitive advantages. It could be argued that the practice and study of IHrm has evolved alongside with the globalization.

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Its pressures have mainly come from the increased competition from cheaper overseas manufacturers along with new and established local competitors. The upper management team in one of its subsidiaries was composed completely of men while the production team were mostly women.

Due to the tremendous differences between traditional perspectives and SHRM, the organizations are facing the transitions and tremendous changes. Management and Diversity Essay.

Abstract: As diversity increases among citizens and employees, human resource practitioners in the public sector have come to view diversity management strategies as essential for the effective performance of organizations.

AULIKKI SIPPOLA Essays on Human Resource Management Perspectives on Diversity Management A C TA W A S A E N S I A No.

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Business Administration 75 Management. A more detailed definition is given by the Society for Human Resource Management which states that “human resource management is the function within an organization that focuses on recruiting, managing, and providing direction for the people who work in the organization” (Schmidt, ).

Human Resource Management Contents ASSIGNMENT 1 3 Introduction 3 Define strategic human resource management 4 Explain the importance of human resource management in organizations 5 Analyze the framework of strategic human resource management 6 Analyze the strategic human resource process 7 Assess the roles in strategic human.

Value chain management refers to integration of the human resource management of each function such as planning, organization, staffing,controlling and coordination between the functions forms a sound human resource management value chain system and maximizes the function of organizational human resource policies and systems.

Diversity: Human Resource Management and Diversity Essay Creating a Diversity Program June 17th Gopala Ajjarapu MGT C1 (Manager as a Communicator) Introduction Human capital is the foundation of all organizations, thus it is extremely important for them to manage their talent.

Essays on human resource management perspectives on diversity management
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